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Glacial River Kilnformed Glass Bowl


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This piece is composed mostly of Bullseye special production glass: patterns and colors that aren’t offered as part of the normal palette and are only produced in limited quantities under special circumstances. The river itself is transparent turquoise with a drizzle of opal turquoise running down the middle. Underneath it is another special production glass: white with streamers of black glass rolled into while it was still molten. The glacier is the same white glass with black streamers, but in this portion I’ve cut it into strips and set the strips on their ends so that you see the cross-section of the black streamers. Into this strip-cut section, I’ve placed windows of transparent turquoise glass. As you can see in the last photo, the underside is also decorative — the portions of the bowl that aren’t strip-cut are backed with the black streamer glass so that interesting patterns peep out when the bowl is viewed from the side.

This piece is food-safe, and hand washing is recommended. Handmade in the United States with glass produced in Oregon.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 11.75 x 11.75 x 1.5 in